Rotate the video with Media Player Classic

Posted: 21st July 2010 by aspirant in Tips & Tricks

many of us could record video in his/her camera or phone vertically and wanna view in the computer horizontally.
there is so easy way to do this using Media Player Classic

just use ALT + NumPad arrows :

- Rotate around X+   :   Alt + NumPad8

- Rotate around X-    :  Alt + NumPad2

- Rotate around Y+  :  Alt + NumPad4

- Rotate around Y-   :  Alt + NumPad6

- Rotate around Z+  :  Alt + NumPad1

- Rotate around Z-   :  Alt + NumPad3

you can find all keys : View —> Options —> Player : Keys

Note : Num lock must be switched “on” on the keyboard

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  1. oxz says:

    i wonder why it doesnt work for me….

  2. try to install k-lite codec latest version
    you can find here :

  3. It truly is nice right here. great research. I have been looked the details for some time. thanks

  4. vinay says:

    I tried the above options but it does not work for me… i have klite codec latest version installed and i even changed the keys for the rotate option… but still it doesnt work

  5. @vinay
    if you don’t have Num pad in the keyboard then the method won’t be applied
    otherwise with presence of Num pad also the Num lock is “on” then it must be applied
    good luck

  6. Matt F says:

    Doesn’t work here either. Latest version of app and codecs.

  7. @Matt
    my friend check the previous comment well
    good luck

  8. Pete says:

    Doesnt work here too. Num lock is on, I see the x y and z values change in mpchc, but nothing happens.